Titanium Grade 5

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We are the Titanium Grade 5 / Ti6Al4V Supplier Malaysia.

Grade 5 Titanium is the workhorse of all the titanium grades. It is also known as Ti-6AL-4V or Ti 6-4.


Supplier of Titanium Grade 5 

Grade 5 Titanium is the workhorse of all the titanium grades. Among all the titanium grades, the most commonly used titanium alloy is the Grade 5 titanium alloy (also known as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V or Ti 6-4), it is formed with mixing pure titanium with 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium.

Its high strength, lightweight and corrosion resistance enable Titanium Grade 5 to be used in many applications. The most common market is aerospace, medical, marine and chemical processing industries. The alloy is also “age hardenable” by heat treatment to achieve even higher strengths.


Properties of Titanium Grade 5

Category:Titanium Alloy
Type:Alpha-beta alloy
Designations:United States: ASTM B265 Grade5, ASTM B348 Grade5, ASTM B381 Grade5, MIL-T-9046,
AMS 4928,
AMS 4911,
AMS 4906,
AMS 4965


Physical Properties 

PropertyTypical Value
Density g/cm3 (lb/ cu in)4.42 (0.159)
Melting Range °C±15°C (°F)1649 (3000)
Specific Heat J/kg.°C (BTU/lb/°F)560 (0.134)
Volume Electrical Resistivity ohm.cm (ohm.in)170 (67)
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K (BTU/ft.h.°F)7.2 (67)
Mean Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion 0-100°C /°C (0-212°F /°F)8.6×10-6 (4.8)
Mean Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion 0-300°C /°C (0-572°F /°F) 9.2×10-6 (5.1)
Beta Transus °C±15°C (°F)999 (1830)


Mechanical Properties 

PropertyMinimumTypical Value
Tensile Strength MPa (ksi)897 (130)1000 (145)
0.2% Proof Stress MPa (ksi)828 (120)910 (132)
Elongation Over 2 Inches %1018
Reduction in Area %20
Elastic Modulus GPa (Msi)114 (17)
Hardness Rockwell C36
Specified Bend Radius4.5
Specified Bend Radius >0.070 in x Thickness5.0
Welded Bend Radius x Thickness6
Charpy, V-Notch Impact J (ft.lbf)24 (18)


Technical Applications of Titanium Grade 5 

Ti 6AL-4V / Titanium Grade 5 is the best alloy for use in the creation of such things :

– Aircraft turbines

– Engine components

– Aircraft structural components

– Aerospace fasteners

– High-performance automatic parts

– Marine applications

– Sports equipment

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